My Stella, On Her Perch

Ready for the road

Take your bird on a road trip

and she will love you forever.

You and your bird will love this perch. It is custom made of stainless steel and universally fits any make or model vehicle or just about any sofa or chair.  The charm of the TRAVEL PERCH is that your bird won't miss a thing while on the road or on the sofa. Your bird is able to see 360 degrees whether coming or going, forward or reverse. You may use the perch in the front seat or the rear, if applicable as in an SUV. We do not recommend that you allow your bird to drive...but she may tell you how to drive and perhaps even give better directions than your passengers. Paper that you place on the surface tray catches those inevitable poopy messes. The TRAVEL PERCH will literally and figuratively bring you and your bird closer together.

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"Take your bird on a road trip and she'll love you forever!"